Earn More Tickets!

Want to snag more tickets for the raffle? Here’s a few ways to help rack ’em up so your chances at winning some swag are even better than before.

RED tickets are distributed to folks who raise under $500 and are good for secondary prizes during the raffle.
YELLOW tickets are considered “wild card” tickets and are distributed to anyone who raises over $500 -or- who partakes in any of the ways mentioned below.

The raffle works like this:

RAISE $100 – $499: Almost At The Top Prize Eligibility 

  • 1 RED ticket for the initial $100
  • 1 RED ticket for each additional $50 raised, up to $499
  • These tickets are good for the “Almost At The Top Prizes” and you can distribute them however you’d like

RAISE $500+: Grand Prize Eligibility + Almost At The Top Prize Eligibility

  • All RED tickets raised from the previous level now convert to YELLOW.
  • Hit $500 and receive 10 YELLOW bonus tickets
  • Earn 2 YELLOW tickets per $50 raised, up to $999
  • These tickets are good for ANY of the prizes available – you distribute them however you want

RAISE $1000 + 

  • Snag 25 bonus YELLOW tickets for hitting $1000
  • Earn 10 YELLOW tickets per $50 beyond $1K
  • These tickets are good for ANY of the prizes available – you distribute them however you want
  • A commemorative (and secret) token of our appreciation and bragging rights for hitting the $1K Club (or you can call it the 40 mile high club).

Refer A Friend!
You’ll earn 2 RED tickets per cyclist friend who you have sign up + ride with us the day of.


Now, even more ways to earn wild card tickets!
Wild card tickets are tickets that you can use for any prize, including the top prize, even if you don’t hit the $500 mark. 

We believe in the power of bicycles (obviously) but from time to time we do need a set of wheels. Carsharing makes perfect sense and nobody does that better than our pals with Zipcar. Did you know that for volunteering with us, you can snag a special deal through Zipcar? Yep! It’s true. Join us under the Alleycat Acres account and you’ll pay $0 for the application (for a savings of $25) and pay $25 a year for membership (and save $35). You’ll get 24/7 access to vehicles, insurance and gas from cars priced at $8/hour.

  • Not a Zipster yet? Sign up under our account and earn 5 additional “wild card” raffle tickets (meaning you can put them towards the grand prize, even if you don’t hit $500). Sign up here.
  • Existing member? Join switch over to the Alleycat plan and snag 5 wild card raffle ticketsSwitch it up here.
  • On your next zip trip, tweet us (@alleycatacres) and Zipcar (@ZipcarSeattle) a photo of your adventure. Include the hashtag #streetsandbeets, and a brief description of your adventure with whatever remaining characters you have left. Earn 10 red/yellow tickets (distributed according to how much you’ve raised). And you can only do this once. Because our favorite ZipTrip will earn and additional 10 wild card raffle tickets.

Alleycat Acres Spring Farm Hop
That’s right! We’re gearing up for spring and are hosting one big cross neighborhood crop mob on Saturday, March 10th. We’ll start at 9 AM on 22nd + Union. You’ll get to see all the farms and help us get them ready for spring. You’ll also get to meet the ladies (our chickens) who have been practicing their high five skills over the winter. Join us and earn 5 wild card tickets per farm.

  • Email asia@alleycat-acres.org to confirm you are going to join us for the Spring Farm Hop, let her know how many farms you’re going to, and finally tell her you’re riding in Streets & Beets this year. She’ll do the rest and make sure you get your extra tickets.


Bike Works
Our pals at Bike Works could always use some extra hands on deck. Because they’ve been so great to us over the years, we want to return the favor. Volunteer with them during any of the following events and earn 10 wild card raffle tickets per event. You’ll meet lots of new friends and hear about the amazing work that Bike Works has been up to (and you’ll want to practice your high fives).

  • Seattle Bike Expo – March 9th & 10th
  • Annual Auction – March 24th
  • Get in touch with Colina at Bike Works and let her know you’re interested in volunteering: colina@bikeworks.org
  • Please email sean@alleycat-acres.org your confirmed volunteer shift and we’ll make note of it and dish out your tickets accordingly the day of the ride.


Pedaler’s Fair
Attend the Pedaler’s Fair this year, track down Alleycat Acres, and jot your name down on our super secret VIC (very important cyclist) list and you’ll score 5 wild card tickets. 


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