For 2013, we’re excited to continue fundraising efforts with Crowdrise — an awesome crowd sourced fundraising platform.

Please refer back to the registration page for information that will help you set up your account with Crowdrise.

New to fundraising? Here’s a few ideas to help out with having to raise $100 for participation:

1. Bake things and leave a note in the office that reads, “I made these treats because not only are they delicious but also because I’m trying to raise money for this 70 mile bike ride I’m doing. Each time you nibble one, please pop a ten spot in this jar. It’s all for a good cause and your belly will thank me as well as the organization I’m riding with.”

2. Throw a soup derby. One of our cyclists did this last year and had a couple different folks make some kick ass soups and everyone who attended the contest paid $5 for a spoon and a bowl. From there, they had endless bowls of soup and got to vote on who the winner was. Said winning chef was awarded The Golden Ladle.

3. Check out your company’s giving policy — a lot of companies offer matching grants. Over the years we’ve had donations matched by Levi + Strauss, Boeing, Microsoft and a number of local churches and organizations offer them too. (See below)

4. Ask your friends and close family members. And even strangers. By setting a goal of collecting $10 from 10 people, you can easily break down your $100 minimum. But, as you’ll find, you’ll want to up the ante and raise as much as you can. There are, afterall, some sweet rewards for the top fundraiser.

5. Own a bar? Or a restaurant? Or know somebody that does? Check in with them and see if they can host a give back night and donate 10% (0r 20.. or 50… or hell, even 100%) of the profits to support you as a rider (and us as an organization). We’ll even send you our logo that you can use. And heck, maybe we’ll even try to design a poster for you, too. And, ANNNND maybe we’ll show up to get our eat on.

6. In a band? Dig music? Set up a house show. Now that’s music to our ears. (And maybe we’ll show up and hang out with vegetables for everyone.)

7. Auction off a date with Sean, the founder of Alleycat Acres. He promises to go on a blind date to the top bidder. He’s totally the type of guy that you’d want to bring home to Mom. Seriously. And you should be able to make top dollar off that promise alone.

8. Frequent a coffee shop? A grocery store? A book store? See if they will hook it up with you. Maybe they’ll even let you keep a jar somewhere to collect tips + change. Trust us, it all adds up.

9. Attend church? Spread the word about your intentions and good things may happen.

10. Put your social media skills to use! If you have 1,000 friends on Facebook and over 5,000 Twitter followers, have them each donate $1 or $2 to your online fundraising page. That adds up like crazy! And from what we gather, it’s not unusual to have that many friends and followers this day and age.

11. Jello wrestling competition. Do it.

12. Solicit the help of Popcycles on a warm weekend night before the ride. Perhaps they’ll make some popcycles and you can hawk ’em on the city streets as an incentive for folks to help donate to your cause.

13. Organize a pub crawl. Or caffeine crawl. Or both.

14. Pose as Cupid on Valentines day in your underwear and offer photos to tourists at Pike Place Market.

15. Who doesn’t love bingo? Especially drag queen bingo. Charity bingo works wonders, we hear. See if you can get a local watering hole to host it and donate drink tabs (and we can offer them a tax deductible donation for their participation).

16. Dare people to donate. Here’s some ideas:


Crowdrise even has some awesome fundraising tips. And whats even cooler, perhaps, is they also randomly award prizes to folks who donate.

Whatever you decide to do, we’ll gladly put the word out if you’re doing an event of some sorts. Or perhaps you have some awesome ideas you’d like to share? Let us know and we’ll not only give you mad props for how genius you are, but we’ll also push it through our own social media network. Which, in other words, means you’ll be famous and become a pro at giving high fives, if you aren’t already.

MATCHING FUNDS: If your company / organization offers matching funds, sweeeet! Here’s some info that will be in handy when applying to get what you’ve raised/donated matched:

Sustainable Seattle (is fiscal sponsor who handles all of our donations)
999 North Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98103
EIN: 31-1580932