About Alleycat Acres

Alleycat Acres is a grassroots urban farming collective fiscally sponsored by Sustainable Seattle.

Founded in late 2009, the all volunteer team behind the organization work with land owners within Seattle and convert unused space into community run farms in an effort to connect people, produce and place. Currently, the steering committee is comprised of 5 people who work with a number of individuals + organizations who are the heart and soul of the organization.

In a short two years, more than 400 individuals have contributed over 2,000 hours to grow more than 2,000 pounds of food — that feeds everyone who had helped grow it and who live in the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, CAMP and the Beacon Avenue Food Bank are current partners where the famers donate extra produce to via bicycle.

We strive to find innovative ways to put “culture” back into agriculture, connect urban + rural agriculture, and use bikes as often as possible because, quite frankly, vegetables love going for rides on them (and so do we). Our farms provide platforms for diverse communities to converge, building strong relationships with a coalition of people and partner organizations who are committed to social and environmental change.

We’re guided by the philosophy of Ubuntu — “I am because you are” — our organization exists, our farms flourish — all because of the collective work everyone pitches in. Our farms, our work isn’t just ours; it’s yours, too.